Robin Gibb Coffee/Tea Mug - white

Robin Gibb Coffee / Tea Mug

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Beautiful Robin Gibb Mug!

This fully-insulated porcelain mug is ideal for your morning brew (cream and sugar not included)

Designed the Robin himself for a clothing line that he and his son RJ unfortunately never realised together as he sadly passed away before it could be brought to fruition. Now available at KTT Legacy on various types of apparel and accessories, the originals digital artwork will be minted and sold on Rarible and OpenSea as NFTs (if interested in the original NFTs, visit Rarible and view the artwork under the handle Robin_Gibb_Family_NFT_Rep
On Twitter you can find a link to the collection at @RobinGibbNFTs)

  • Ceramic (capacity of 11 fl oz)
  • Dishwasher & Microwave safe
  • Lead and Cadmium free
  •  Manufactured and printed in the U.S.A.🇺🇸 
Coffee/Tea Mug