LooseThreads - Fine Ladies Leisurewear

Welcome to LooseThreads, our comprehensive collection offering a rich & varied range of stylish and indeed luxurious Ladies Loungewear& tracksuits.

True comfort-threads for keeping "snug-in-style" whilst hanging out at home during lockdown, or perhaps just 'shooting-the-breeze' on a post-lockdown lazy afternoon, nestled quietly, or indeed riotously (if that's what 'floats your canoe') within the wondrous walls of one's happy homestead.  

Pass the time away solo, or amidst the entire 'tribe' in these classy-yet-comfortable, leisurely essentials.

 Exactly the sort of leisurely essentials which would be just as at home making their appearance on the catwalks of London, Paris, or Milano...

...as they would paraded along the hallowed halls of one's humble abode 😎