KTTLegacy Shipping Policy



The KTT LEGACY ( kttlegacy.com ) fulfilment team will process your order within 1-2 business days.

Here, we are giving you fair warning in advance of possible shipping hold-ups due to the terrible mutation & subsequent upsurge in COVID-19 cases. However, we promise you that we will certainly do absolutely everything in our power on this end to speedily deliver to your door, or any other designated delivery destination, any items you order, on-time, after purchase.

Separate countries also have slightly different inherent delivery times. For instance US & UK deliveries may be a bit quicker than orders shipped to say Australia, and New Zealand & almost all European and Asian countries will experience slightly longer shipping times than the US & the UK.

 We do not ship certain products to Canada due to new Canadian Government rulings & guidelines relating to the pandemic. It is only temporary.

From time to time certain other products might also not be available in some of the other countries periodically. However, also only a temporary scenario.

We hope you understand & though things may never entirely be the same again, please know that we will be just as happy as you when some semblance of normality returns to world commerce & society in-general.

With our warmest regards,


- The KTTLegacy Team -