NEXT WEEK Bodding's Steam Baskets are here (Robin Gibb's Official design)

Bodding's Steam Baskets: These Colander-frame, round-cut sunglasses are his ideal pair, personally designed by him, surpassing in attributes (as far as his wants & needs were concerned) the now famously iconic ice-blue, mirrored round-framed, steampunk-style shades, which he would sport to his most important gigs, events & outings.

 Robin liked certain attributes of both the high-profile & the low-profile brands he wore, as he was the type of guy who sported what he felt looked good, it didn't matter if it was Gucci or Ralph Lauren, or bought from a stand down Camden Market, or a storefront on Carnaby Street, "if it looks good, then it is good" was his ethos. Which extended to his style of song writing / composition, "If it sounds good it is good, don't let anyone tell you otherwise based on a technicality or a common music theory myth about what is "right" in regards to musical scale.

Absolute rubbish.

If it sounds great then it is, full stop (period) end of story...

Of all the higher-profile brand sunglasses he rocked, he never found all of his favourite features in any one single pair of shades & found them 'wanting' in one way or another. This is what ultimately inspired both Robin & his son R.J. Gibb to brainstorm "ideal designs" for sunglasses, clothing, useful inventions etc. then "distil" all the different attributes down to the ones he most admired. He wanted designs which would of course be aesthetically pleasing, not only to his own eye, but more importantly, to the eye of the average beholder (after all, they're the ones who have to see you wear them) & those designs which were the most compatible with daily requirements. This is also how all of their original designs for clothing and fashion accessories, were also created, together with his son, at Redbreast Record's own Coronation Studios.

They would get a sudden idea or flashes of inspiration, which was then 'doodled' and/or written down on bits of scrap-paper or notepads, in-between recordings . Before smartphones they would keep notepads, post-its and their laptops on their bedside nightstands, so they were ready to write down any idea that came to mind, especially in case they heard a song idea in a dream, for instance, & needed to record it fast upon waking up. These writings & doodles are all now kept in a secret family vault at an undisclosed location in London & continue to be the source & inspiration behind most of these 'ideal designs'. The guiding 'bellwether' if you will.

More sunglasses designs will be added over time, in the meantime we hope you love & enjoy this magnificent design as much as he did...


The Collection will be called:

'Robin Gibb's Blue Glass Mews' 

Look out for it's release, coming next week...