KTTLegacy Giftables

At KTT we are dedicated to manufacturing and sourcing the most unique, the most exquisite and the most useful products for our consumers. For this coming Christmas you will find products from around the world, carefully sourced for their unmatchable quality  

For example:

- You'll find some of the finest threads in fashion for women, men, children, toddlers & babies. Beautiful Cashmere socks, sweaters and leggings, household hack gadgets, as well as fun and entertaining toys & activities for the family

- One of our original Legacy by KTT products is also sold in this collection, our Legacy 'No-Mess' technology Inkless Ink-pads for capturing the ink impressions of a baby or toddler's hands & feet, without a single drop of non-toxic) ink touching the child's skin, which of course also means no mess to clean up. Many people have written to us saying that during the lockdowns they were able to let their elderly parents or other high risk relatives, share in the joy after the birth of their baby, so they are ideal in this respect also (you make 2-3 clear impressions before the subsequent attempts begin to fade, yet they still look nice & are noticeable if used a few more times) Our Inkless Ink-pad model is sourced from the original manufacturer who holds the actual design patent & with whom KTT are partnered, so don't settle for the cheap, yet often over-priced knockoffs & imitations out there, Legacy by KTT guarantees quality, efficiency, & future trust  

- We also pride ourselves in fielding useful, unique & "giftable" items for any occasion or celebration, let alone this holiday season. Whether it be baby showers, Christenings, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any other such cause for gift giving merriment.

*Some of these items can also be found in their "mother collections" whilst others are exclusively found in this our collection of KTTLegacy "Giftables"