Boredom Busters by KTT - Paper Quilling Tool-Kit - FREE SHIPPING

Boredom Busters by KTT - Paper Quilling Tool-Kit - FREE SHIPPING

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Paper Quilling, also known as the art of filigree, can trace its origins to at least the 15th century. 

Nuns in Italy and France would decorate religious objects in their Abbeys and churches. Paper was folded to resemble Ivory carvings and wrought iron—two very costly materials. When the nuns gilded their paper quilling, it was hard to distinguish from metal, making it a good alternative option for financially struggling church establishments.

In it's heyday, in 18th century England, along with embroidery, it was considered a “proper pastime” and by that time was even taught to children in boarding schools as well as art students. Quillings influence eventually made its way to the United States. By that time it had truly become the "origami of the West", and today it is used by arts and crafts lovers the world over. Children, artists, decorators and people who just wish to relieve stress or pass the time in a fun and creative way..  


Materials: BPA Free Plastic & Metal Alloy

Medium: Coloured Paper